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i Quest’s Business Consulting Services is a professional, cost effective management consulting service for the business and information technology communities

Business Consulting Services – Components

Rapid Transformation - To truly improve your organization's performance

Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis - Match your business needs to technology

Enterprise Risk Management - Continuity planning and ERM assessments to manage risk

Green Initiatives - Strategic environmental sustainability and profitability

Human Resource Tools - Easing the management of the employment process

Knowledge Management (KM) - Training and certification

Small Business Assistance - Consulting programs designed for your small business

Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis at i Quest Data Systems is the activity of reviewing existing business practices and changing these practices so that they fit a new and improved process. By conducting process analysis of a business, companies can remain efficient, streamline work flow and become more effective in their verticals.
Business Process Re-engineering

i Quest’s Business process re-engineering is the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization. Fundamentally rethink how they Business Process work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors. A key stimulus for re-engineering has been the continuing development and deployment of sophisticated information systems and networks.