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  • Data Migration consulting
  • Data Services Consulting
  • Data Quality Consulting
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Implementations
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Implementations
  • Support Services
Core Expertise

Enterprise Information Management

  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Management

Business Intelligence

  • Reporting
  • Interactive analysis
  • Dashboard and visualization
  • Data exploration
  • Advanced analytics

Data Migration Consulting

Data Migration to SAP application

Migrating an organization’s critical data from a legacy system to an SAP system is an essential task that has to be performed, when your organization is implementing an SAP solution. The process presents number of benefits, if the migration is handled correctly. Poorly managed migration is a common cause. Data migration involves extracting data from one system, cleaning up errors, reformatting, and loading onto a target system.

It takes an understanding of the entire ERP data lifecycle combined with industry-specific experience, knowledge, and skills to drive the process through the required steps accurately, efficiently, and in the right order.

SAP's Data Migration package is built on SAP BusinessObjects Data Services platform with the predefined business content for ERP 6.0 and CRM 7.0.

i Quest Data Systems Data Migration consulting includes:

  • Data Migration framework Installation, configuration and setting up business content
  • Creating lookup reference data files for Legacy to SAP value mapping
  • Use of Migration Services framework for lookup file management
  • Leverage Data Migration framework blue-print Data Services projects
  • Setting up Out-of-box Reporting on Migration status
  • Business Process Document for processes and objects for ERP and CRM

i Quest Data Systems can help you in performing business analysis in preparation for the migration. Most legacy data systems tend to have issues such as duplicate records for customer or vendor records across sources. We use systematic and educated approach in resolving these issues and prepare a golden copy of the legacy data to load in your SAP application. The process involves multiple steps: discovery, preparation, iterative loading and delivery.

Data Quality Consulting

Establishing Data Quality processes in an enterprise can be a big challenge if it is not planned properly and without access to the Data Quality subject matter experts. iQuest Data System is an expert consulting group with deep knowledge of Data Quality process, tools and best practices. We can methodically plan and implement your data quality project.

We use SAP BusinessObject Data Services for implementing data quality processes. SAP Data Services is designed to analyze, cleanse, and match data to ensure accurate and complete information in your enterprise application. Data quality modules are part of SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Services application, which provides a single application to extract, transform and load data from source to target.

Typical phases in data quality lifecycle include

  • Data Assessment and Continuous monitoring: Measure and analyze data
  • Data Cleansing: Cleansing and enhancing customer and operational data
  • Data Enhancement: Enhance data set with custom or third-party referential data
  • Match and consolidate: Data matching and consolidation at multiple levels to create unique and
  • complete master records

Functional Consulting:

  • Data quality business case requirements and analysis
  • Assessment, design and deployment of data profiling, data services and metadata management software
  • Comprehensive Data Quality Management program development
  • Data standards development and implementation
  • Data quality management oversight
  • Data Governance and Stewardship

Technical Consulting:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality (Data Services) implementation
  • Data Quality Management application implementation
  • Embedded Data Quality application development
  • Data Assessment and reporting implementation

EIM Implementation

The Principals at iQuest’s technology team comes with years of experience in architecting and deploying applications for various customers. Our team of experienced SAP Business Objects consultants specializes in architecture, design, installation, configuration and optimization of following applications in BusinessObjects application suite.

  • BusinessObjects Data Services
  • BusinessObjects Data Insight
  • BusinessObjects Data Federator
  • BusinessObjects Metadata Manager

SAP recently announced release of their latest EIM and BI software suite 4.0. SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 brings the Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management suites together to share relevant information easily allowing users to easily access the enterprise information. The new release has number of enhancements over the previous version of EIM product suite. The new Data Services 4.0 release will bring in capability to process unstructured data along with structured data. Also, the security model has been improved substantially in the new release. The previous version of Data Profiling tool -- Data Integrator has been transformed into much more interactive and integrated offering -- Information Steward. This product consists of Data Insight, Metadata Manager, Metapedia and Cleansing Package builder. These products bring in substantial capability under one product which will enable the customers to integrate the processes more closely.

Data Services Implementation

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Implementation services

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes. It provides one development UI, metadata repository, data connectivity layer, run-time environment, and management console - enabling IT organizations to lower TCO and accelerate time to value. With SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, IT organizations can maximize operational efficiency with a single solution to improve data quality and gain access to heterogeneous sources and applications.

  • Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Profiling
  • Text Analysis

BI Implementation

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI implementation with Data Integration

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, version with data integration can enable you to leverage all the functionality of SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, standard package, along with capabilities for:

  • Anytime, anywhere data delivery
  • Impact analysis
  • Data lineage

With our expertise in Data Integration and integration with BI, we are fully equipped to help you in implementing BI with Data Integration.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI implementation with Data Management

With interface to data management functionality, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI can leverage all the features and functions of SAP BusinessObjects with data management and data quality capabilities. The data quality features of SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with data management give you the ability to centralize the discovery, correction, and prevention of data issues across the organization.

With our deep understanding of data quality applications and the BI interfaces, we are fully prepared to implement SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with Data Management. We can also help you implement SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts packages which provide prepackaged data mart solutions that can deliver faster, higher return on investment. With the preconfigured metadata such as sample reports and pre-built data flows, the solution offers fast deployments.